And so my story begins

My story begins walking my dog, with my husband up the hill for coffee. It was one and a half weeks until I was due to celebrate my 43rd birthday. Walking along the path on a glorious spring day my husband asks the question….

“So babe, what will we be doing in 5 years time?”

This question is my husband’s way of  just “checking in” as he often does to my sure I’m happy.

Very considerate, I hear you say….yes he is.

Having sold our labour intensive, mind numbing business a couple of months earlier, we were newly retired and searching for activities to occupy ourselves. We had updated our written list of goals and aspirations as we often did, tryiWalking-Dogng to shape, bend and twist our new life circumstances into something we were both comfortable with.

My response, “Well, unfortunately I think we will still be doing this

Negativity alert !!  He jumps into defense mode.

“What do you mean?”

“Well with the kids in school and then presumably going onto university we really are stuck here doing this for the next……….”

“So when the kids are older and at uni, will you leave them?”



“We should go now so they have to come with us!”


The wheels are set in motion.

I’m going to live in Italy, for a couple of years !!!!!


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