Stupid Little Things


S t u p i d a g g i n i….





Ok Ok, I still don’t get it.

This is what goes down in my Italian language classes.

Why do people think the more they repeat a word or the louder they shrill that I will be able to understand what they are trying to convey?

I didn’t comprehend the meaning the first time you said it yet alone the sixth!

Learning a foreign language is tough, I have a new-found admiration for anyone who learns any language as an adult.

Spesso si scontrano per stupidaggini.

I’ll give you a fight over a stupid little thing !!!!


5 thoughts on “Stupid Little Things

  1. We are dying to move to Italy (Tuscany) we struggle everyday with the language. It’s the way they say things that we find hardest. It’s in a different order. Like you, I now respect anyone who speaks another language.

    • I am determined to learn. I am loving the challenge. I certainly don’t look Italian so I feel that I will never be expected to speak perfectly. In saying that I look forward to one day having an accent !

  2. There are two things one should not attempt to learn in their 40’s: a new language and how to ski. Somehow I survived both, although I suck at both. My pride was hurt far worse with my language tumbles!

    • Elyse, this makes me laugh. I agree with you and I am in my early 40’s. I live in Australia, we are not known for our snow and am moving to Europe where I am sure my teenage kids will want to ski or at least snowboard.
      Learning Italian and learning to ski in 1 year, I am up for the challenge !

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