I think i’m great….. Until i’m proven wrong.


I live in a world of positiveness surrounded by intelligence, I always have. My childhood home was a loving, caring, very nurturing place, full of positive affirmations.

I have always been led to believe I’m pretty good.

I am now married to a goal orientated man who always focuses on the outcome set and celebrates them once they are achieved.

This rubs off on myself and my kids and we follow suit.

I have never been an A grade schooler  scholer scholar and nor do I want to be.

I ran a business very successfully, am married very happily, have reared two amazing kids, all of which gives me bragging rights when I feel the need to inject them into a conversation if my self-esteem is abating.

All in all I think I’m pretty good, I never have reason to think otherwise………Until I tried to learn to speak Italian.


3 thoughts on “I think i’m great….. Until i’m proven wrong.

  1. Oh my, your last two sentences describe me too … except substitute Norwegian (and my girls are adults now – but still amazing kids!). I look forward to following your blog!

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