Verbal Diarrhea

Just a great image I have to add.

Just a great image I have to add.

I don’t know if it is coincidence or not but as time creeps closer and closer for our move to Italy – 53 days at last count, I am crossing paths with people who I know but have not seen in quite a while and as always I love to stop for a chat.

Of course I ask them how they are doing, allow them time to respond, I even show interest by throwing intonations into my questions to show my enthusiasm for what is being said.  All the while waiting for them to ask ME what I am up to…

Does that make me a bad person or is it normal human behaviour?

I am really struggling with this. I am aware of behaviours that I would silently – or maybe verbally – criticise other of doing, mainly dominating conversation.

Poor Lorraine copped it the other day. I was in the newsagency buying a Father’s Day card – here in Australia. I wanted to reach across to pick up a card, so glanced sideways to see who’s space I was about to intrude upon.

It was Lorraine, lovely Lorraine, I went to school with her 25 years ago and have seen her twice since even though she lives 5 kms from me. I saw her once for coffee at a mutual friends home and the other was a school reunion a year ago. She is always super friendly.  “She’ll listen to my story”.

I am really pressed for time, I have my son in the hairdressers which takes all of 10 mins and I need to get back to pay for the haircut. Damn it, if I had of left him the money I could have a longer conversation with Lorraine. What races through my mind is, “Do I tell her my story at all” OR “Do I give her the short version and get back to my son promptly” OR “Do I talk fast to get it all in?”

Can you guess what I did?

I spoke at 100 miles an hour!

I couldn’t believe I was doing it.    Verbal diarrhea oozes out of my mouth.    I am unstoppable.

She was loving it, she is just a sweet person, oohing and ahhing over everything I told her. Was she truly interested? … Was my ego totally out of control?” …. “I should really stop now” ….. I wonder if my son is waiting?

She was saved by a phone call….from my son…..from the hairdresser’s……’MUM WHERE ARE YOU !!!!”  ooops.

I’m sitting in the doctors yesterday – sinusitis – and I run into GINA and her daughter Louise. Another captive audience! Poor them.

I haven’t seen Gina for 13 years since our playgroup days. When we did see each other weekly we were always up for a chat.

I’m NOT going to do it to her, I’m NOT. This is going to be a lesson in self-restraint. I CAN DO IT! I CAN.

There are lots of pleasantries, lots of catch up chit chat about what a stunning girl Louise grew to be and what she is doing now, who we still see from playgroup, who is still married and who divorced. She comments that she has moved out of the area and then……

she asks me if I still live at the same address…….”yes”……but I move in 54 days time.

Where to” she asks…….BIG mistake.

“Italy” I say ….. the poor thing …..


8 thoughts on “Verbal Diarrhea

  1. Let them all have it! Uplifting your family and transplanting them on the other side of the planet is a huge deal.

    My sister is relocating shortly and everyone in my day to day world knows about it, from work peers to the guy who makes my coffee every morning..! I’m very excited for her big adventure and thank the people who invented Skype and FaceTime 😉

  2. All OK boo – I’m telling all of my friends that you are moving to Italy and dominate the conversation about how exciting it is and then launch into how I’m going to visit.

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