Posting, a justified distraction

a justifiedI love posting something new; it is a justified distraction from what I am MEANT to be doing….

that is PACKING.

This mornings task I have set for myself it to work through my buffet.

My buffet has been very loyal to me over the years. It has allowed me to stash any unsightly objects out of sight of everyone, keeping the surrounding area clutter free.

No one else ever gives my buffet any attention, it is known that nothing useful lives in my buffet.

But now is time to clean it out.

I have found all manner of things. To the left is lounge covers that I ran up on a sewing machine when my kids were tiny, to keep their dirty feet from marking the lounge. Why have I kept them? I have found a “crazy drinking straw”, wrapped as a Christmas gift I forgot to give to someone. I have found my mother in law’s old aluminium manual tomato purée machine, or at least that is what I think it is. I have found photo frames and countless family photos that have somehow been separated from their correct storage box….and that is just one side of my buffet.

As I begin to work on my 4 centre draws I come across tablecloths and cards; birthday cards, Christmas cards, get well cards, thank you cards, farewell cards, congratulation cards and every other card ever printed. What do I keep? What do I toss? Are they all sentimental?

Maybe I keep just cards exchanged between the four of us, but then I must keep those received from family and I must keep cards received from close girlfriends. Do I keep the cards received from my children from their friends,  as one day they will be as sentimental to them as mine are to me?

Where to begin……. Where to stop…….one of todays big dilemmas!


5 thoughts on “Posting, a justified distraction

  1. No Frank! Some things have to be left to enjoy. Besides, they can go in a box in the garage and you’ll never know they were there. Happy sorting Boo x

  2. I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. To accept, you display the One Lovely Blog icon on your blog, mention the blogger who nominated you, share seven fun facts about yourself and nominate five other blogs for the award. I hope you “do” awards and you don’t mind me mentioning your wonderful blog on my blog.

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