I woke up this morning in a Foreign Country !

Name Here (1)So we did it!   We arrived.

I have a great sense of achievement for accomplishing this goal.

Although leaving family and friends was extremely hard and to tough a subject to talk about yet, I thrive on goals. Goals keep my life moving forward. If I am moving forward I am always learning. Learning gives me my sense of accomplishment  – it is a never ending circle and I love it.

Some would argue that moving to the other side of the world is a bit dramatic and not necessary to gain a sense of accomplishment.

Learning the language is a goal at the the top of my list. I started the process nine months ago in Australia, attending classes two hours a week so that I would have the basics to build from when I got here. So as we collect our bags from the airport carousel and head through a corridor to doors that remind me of the local shopping center as opposed to an International airport, we pass an Italian customs officer. This is the first Italian I’m going to speak to… in Italy… in Italian …..since taking 64 hrs of classes.  Addressing my husband he asks “Where did you come from?”

“Sydney” is my husband’s response…..I didn’t understand a word he said!

No harm done, just my confidence slightly shaken. So far so good.

The entire journey over ran very smoothly, no long waits between flights, just very very long. By the time we arrived at the door we had traveled for 28 hrs straight. We had to take two taxis from the airport because of the amount of luggage.

Standing on the footpath I decide to do a bag count….one missing….I instantly see that it is a bag containing a laptop. I am purposely not mentioning who owned it…..I will leave you all guessing. Great, I have just proven that my language skills are not up to scratch and now I have to communicate with the one remaining taxi driver to try to ask the other to come back. Luckily he spoke broken English….he made a call and the taxi….and the laptop came straight back.  No problem here. So far so good.

Our apartment is fantastic, larger in size than I thought and it has views of the city and Florence Cathedral, the Duomo, that hadn’t been mentioned on the website. An added bonus.

There are a couple of things that have caught me off guard, our phones aren’t working and there are mosquitoes. Did they follow us from Australia? Didn’t know Europe had mosquitoes. There are two little bottles of shampoo left for us in the bathroom and no conditioner. They didn’t know I was coming.

Everyone was too tired to eat last night because of jet lag so we all went to bed at 6.30pm only to be wide awake now in the middle of the night, writing a post.

This morning when the sun breaks we will head off to the school we have chosen for our youngest son and get him organised. So far so good….


8 thoughts on “I woke up this morning in a Foreign Country !

  1. bellissimo diario,che sia di buona fortuna per la permanenza in italia…AUGURI e speriamo di vederci presto leonardo e pina

  2. Congratulations! Welcome abroad! You are now officially an expat. Hang in there. It gets a bit easier after you finish doing everything for the very first time.

    Do you follow the blog SurvivingInItaly.com? It’s an American’s take on being an expat in Italy, and it is hilarious. You might find her posts useful (or too close for comfort, only time will tell) 🙂

  3. just reading your response to the relatives….and you said you couldn’t speak Italian…..your can certainly write it 🙂

  4. Have a blast — enjoy it , travel, have fun. Embrace the language screw-ups because you can laugh or cry at them — because they will happen. And keep your English-Italian dictionary with you at all times …

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