Our first five days in Florence

The view from our window

The view from our window

I am constantly being asked to keep everyone updated so I am writing again so soon. So much has happened in the last 5 days that it is hard to know where to begin.

The apartment is fantastic, have I mentioned that? It will be very hard to leave when our 2 months are up. We have begun the search of our next long term rental. What’s the rush I hear you ask. Well….

the way the Italian system works is that you must have a Fiscal Code, that is tax code or tax file number (for the Aussies) – when it comes to taxes the Italians are very efficient, we all received a code each within 10 minutes of registering.

Now we need a bank account which isn’t nearly as easy. We need a bank account  to be able to transfer money across but we also need an Italian credit card linked to the account in order to buy new phones. We want new phones because we still want our Aussie ones to work so we don’t want to replace our sim cards.

We can’t get a bank account until we have a rental contract in place, so hence the urgency for somewhere to live more permanently.

Looking has taken us all across the city. We have walked everywhere, so much so I needed to buy a new pair of boots today…..don’t laugh now, I do need comfortable walking shoes. They are lovely Italian leather!

We have our youngest underway with Italian language lessons which he will continue until Christmas. He starts school as such on Monday. He has taken this all in his stride which is great to see. I asked him yesterday if he wants me to meet him after school and walk him home….he looked at me as if I had three heads.

But because I know best….last night (5pm – it was dark) I did wait across the road but like a typical tourist I got amused taking photos of everything going on around me, he left without me seeing him so he walked home alone ….and so did I.

So I have a rabbit living on a veranda across from us and just now I have discovered a rottweiler in the apartment next door, it is all happening around here.

We got in contact with my husband’s cousins the other day and last night they popped past for a visit, armed with cakes!  Very nice people…… not just because of the cakes….and not just because my husband’s aunt and uncle are now reading my blog….they really are very nice people. There is no photo of the cakes – they are all gone.

So after 5 days I am still in love with this place….so far so good.


Arno River with Ponte Vecchio

The Rabbit

The Rabbit

Tonight's sunset

Tonight’s sunset

The Rotweiller


Winter on it’s way

Playing tourist

Playing tourist


One thought on “Our first five days in Florence

  1. This is all too fantastic. Im not even there and my head is spinning, its as though I am and the excitement is building up
    Pretty good for 5 days

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