My recipe for love

P1050948I normally write when I have an event to pass comment on or something I have done or something I am going to do – but today I don’t.

Today there is joy in my small household and therefore I am full of hope and optimism and feel like sharing.

It hasn’t been all joy and happiness around here lately.

But things are changing.

Some days have been very low, I don’t tend to write about these days- I think that is human nature to only write about optimistic stuff. If not human nature, it certainly is my nature.

My 15 year old has been doing it tough, being dropped into Italian mainstream school not speaking the language. Yeah I know, that sounds like a harsh thing to do but finding the balance between my happiness and my kid’s is a fine line.

Not only the lack of language makes it difficult but they do EVERYTHING different here, from the size of the classes to the 5 min break ALL day, yes no lie. So you are reading this thinking to yourself, ‘5 min break all day, they must finish school early’. Yes they do but my poor son goes on to Italian language lessons for another 2-3 hrs.

So he leaves as the sun begins to rise each morning and returns in the dark – in the cold.  None of this anguish was unexpected, the degree of difficulty was discussed before we left home. It is just a shame that it is him that is having to endure this and not me.

So having been his mum for 15 years I know how to nurture and help him through tough times. With this son the answer is food. And food is my forté, my way of showing love, he knows it and laps it up!

I am up and dressed (as well as my husband, I should add) each morning at the same time as the 15 year old. If he has to be up at least we should be also.

I make his breakfast of cereal and toast with a glass of water on the side and serve it to him on a tray accompanied with a cheese and salami panino on the side to take to school to eat in his ‘non break’.

Yesterday he came home from school asking for scones, at least it was something quick and easy. At least it wasn’t an Aussie pavlova or lamingtons.

He walked through the door today with a winning trifecta, I had made his scones, he was no longer the ‘new’ kid at school, someone else started today (although Italian) and he is going to the soccer tonight to watch ACF Fiorentina play. He isn’t one to hide emotions, when he is upset  you certainly know it, and when he is happy you know it. He was dancing around the house – literally.

So love does solve all our problems and my recipe for love is patience, understanding and his favorite foods – then all is good in both our worlds!


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