A truly wonderful Day

Last night I searched through all my boxes that were shipped from home, which haven’t been unpacked yet to find my swimming costume and beach towel.

Yep, I am heading to the water.

Today Frank and I were invited by our friend David to head to ancient hot springs in the Tuscan countryside. David is a regular here, he loves these thermal springs and claims them to be his favorite place in Italy.


So David lives in a beautiful Tuscan village outside of Florence called Panzano in the Chianti region.  This village was built on top of a hill back in Roman times. Every village is strategically placed on top of a hill around here as the Florentines invaded everyone, apparently. Panzano was a strategic point in battles between Siena and Florence.

David has lived here quite a few years and wanted to share his love of this place.



We walked the streets and met a few locals, soaking in the quaint village life.



Panzano has a famous butcher named Dario, who runs his butchery and three local restaurants. One of the restaurants is a gourmet hamburger joint, Dario and his american wife Kim used to call this place Mac Dario’s until McDonalds told him to stop.

As we walk into their shop to met them both we are immediately poured a glass of red wine….at 9.45 in the morning!

That is the kind of greeting you get around here.


So after our village tour we jump in David’s car and head through the Tuscan countryside, the scenery is truly amazing and something I never tire of.

We head south to meet the autostrada, skirt around Siena and head to Le Terme di Petriolo -Thermal springs of Petroilo.

The natural thermal springs were named back in the 1300’s and are a great hit with locals in summer. The springs are off the main tourist route and therefore only frequented by the local Italians.



a better picture lifted off Wikipedia.

Terme di Petriolo

Lounging around all day in the Tuscan sun makes you work up an appetite. We drove a few kms up the hill to the most beautiful  village I have ever visited – Pari.


A few more photos because you can never see enough photos of Tuscany.


Pari is a very well maintained medieval village that has been inhabited for more than 2000 years. We stop here for a fabulous lunch at a place that David has been coming to for the last 12 years.

P1060362 Stitch

We arrived home sun soaked, relaxed, full of local cuisine, coffee and gelato.

What more could anyone want.

A truly wonderful day.



6 thoughts on “A truly wonderful Day

  1. My one trip to Italy in 2007 focused on Tuscany (Montalcino) – now I have a new Tuscan place to add to my “unwritten travel bucket list” — beautiful photos and words!

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